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My girl, and her home.

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Today I got around to taking some nice photos of my girl and her tank. It usually isn't lighted - it is in front of a window and sort of lit from the back. This is the worst possible situation for taking pics, so I had to rig something up. :lol: It was a huge pain, so it has taken forever for me to get around to it. Ignore the construction paper background - it hides the lamp rig I have behind the tank while blocking the light from the window.

This is her tank:

She wasn't used to the light so hid in her little pipe... If I touched the glass, she poked her head out, but the big brightness was scary.

Come out? ... No. :-(

To be continued...
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After about an hour, she was feeling back to her normal self and came out. Plus, I tempted her with food. :lol:

She flares much more than my male...

And one last pic:
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I love your tank! And your girl is beautiful. :)
OMG your fish are beautiful!!!
OMG your fish are beautiful!!!
It is all the same fish. :lol:
She looks a lot different depending on the light.
Aww..what a pretty fishy:)..yur tank is very cool too..:)
Thanks for all the compliments. The tank compliments are kind of surprising - it is really a slapped together tank. :lol: No special effort put into it at all. I put a chunk of driftwood in there to soften the water, a little tube to hide in, and tossed in bunches of the hornwort that grows out of control in my big tank. Not really a lot of aquascaping. :lol:

I am really happy her fins survived - for a while I thought they might have died. She jumped once and I found her dried to a piece of cardboard. Her fins were almost crackly... I had to moisten then peel them off not to rip them. They revived amazingly in a week or so, but the tear at the tip never completely went away.

A bonus glamor shot taken with flash! She is so shiny.
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She is very beautiful and tough. I love the photos of her sticking out of her tube. You should submit the second one to the photo of the month contest.
am so jealous!! beautiful girl
She's so pretty!!!
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