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My guy and sorority gals :D

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Thought I'd finally post some pics of my lovlies. These are the first bettas I've had in a good while, and advice is appreciated :) Tell me what ya'll think! :)
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Maya Wolfshiem
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They are all named after characters in a book I was reading when I got Gatz.
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I like your first and second girl!
Thanks! The first is definitely the boss-lady in the tank :)
....... how many females do you have?
because ive learned from experience, you need 5 or 6 females to make them get along, so no one specifically bullies the other :/
and you male, the crown tail, is gorgeous.
Im working on getting some more girls! Four right now, which is, I know, the absolute minimum. But the bettas in the pet shops around here are either so big that I'm afraid they would bully, or so small that they couldn't keep up. They've been together for a couple months, and seem peaceful. And thanks :)
oh i thought you only had three! lol, your fine with your amount, especially if they are happy.... i wouldnt bring in more and risk injury.
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