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I have two hydroponic tanks one with my betta in it and one with three platys and one Molly. They are pretty nice fish and today we are discussing how it has benefited the fishes health cycles. The roots of the plants up top help
the fishes slime coat and the fish actually help the plants with their waste so then that helps me see how much the plant grows. The first one I own is a hydroponic three and a half gallon custom I made in class last year. My betta inuyasha was a subject for the tank but after He science project was over I decided to bring it home. It consistsof of anorange Hydroponic medium and an area with a heater for tropical temperatures do the betta. Then there is an air medium between the hydroponic grow stoned and the water that allows the betta space to swim and make bubble nests as he pleases. The other cool part is that the more the roots grow into the water the more obstacles the betta has to have a fun time swimming through. Then we get to the platy and Molly tank it is factory made so it is a different setup than most. It has a grow area where water is blown up from the bubbler into the grow area to help the plant roots. And on top I used some bio degradable pots with aquarium gravel to grow the betta plant. The good news is that this helps give more oxygen to the plant which I think is very cool. The inside setup of the tank includes an old fish castle a friend gave me with a few cheap aquarium store plants and an ocean background to give the fish comfort. So thank u for reading and I hope u enjoyed my setup:yourock::thankyou:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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