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My new $14.00 baby! :>

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I saw this handsome guy and couldn't pass him up. He did not have a price on him when I found him and he was sitting with several $5.99 male Bettas but when he got passed under the scanner he was a hefty $13.99... But that's alright, he is well worth it. After many scenarios he has been named "Houdini". It fits him VERY well. lol
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14bucks, i say you got a good deal. Is he a HM dragon? He is gorgeous.
Im not sure what he is. He was labeled as a half-moon male... but I disagree. He looks as if he has a "rosetail"...
That is the perfect name! :-D Congrats on the new addition, he is a nice looking fella
your right, i think i can sort of see the rose tail "feathering". Show us a flare and we'll tell for sure.
He looks like a dragonscale halfmoon (or rosetail-not sure which). What a beautiful boy! Great find!
what a super lucky find :-D he is gorgeous love the name and the coloring :p
Thanks ill post another picture soon. :D
Very pretty boy :shock: I have a plakat boy with those same colors.
Wow! he looks almost like my Edward :shock:
but your betta's so gorgeous! :)
Sorry this is the best I could do. He was not working with me at all. T.T
oh haha yes it is! just saw the other pics. XD
Kinda looks like a halfmoon to me. Maybe a rose-tail. :)
Anyway, pretty fishy! :D
Is DT shirt for "double tail"?
haha! shirt! yes its short for double tail. You can also tell because the dorsal fin runs half the length of its back.
I lost my Houdini last night. I am very sad. I don't know what he died from... ;,{
I lost my Houdini last night. I am very sad. I don't know what he died from... ;,{
Oh no! I'm so sorry! :-(
I'm sorry he died! He was pretty...
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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