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My new female won't eat

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Went to my local Petco and bought me a female betta, she was the only few that looked really healthy and showing she was ready to breed, but before I start introducing her to her mate I wanted her to eat well before all that hard work she's going to be doing but the problem is she won't eat... I tried freeze dried BW's, frozen bloodworms, pellets, pea's & live tubefex but she won't eat at all... any suggestions help THANKS
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It sounds like your new betta needs to get used to her new home. My betta did that also cause he wasnt use to his surroundings and not to mention the pellets I gave was too big so I crushed them and he finally ate on the second day. I hope this helps.
My Bane was the same way, after two days however he settled in and ate!
if you just got her, give her some time to adjust. Alot of times, bettas wont eat for a few days after you bring them home - sometimes it may take up to two weeks. The ammonia in those cups is usually pretty bad and can burn their mouths. I would give her a few days and keep an eye on her just incase she is sick but doesnt have sympthoms showing yet

Also, peas are more for goldfish when they are constipated, not bettas.
+1 to Tikibirds.

I also want to add a word of caution about breeding petshop bettas, if you haven't done it before. Those bettas are not the cream of the crop and do not carry brilliant genetics, so you will not be improving the species in any way. You are likely to find that petshop fish carry the genes for VTs, which will become dominant in your spawn. You will get babies that you will have to cull. The breeding will be expensive and you may find it difficult to rehome the babies.
If you are going to breed, it is worth spending the money to get good fish from good breeders.
True and yet false ... as with anything if you were to breed poor genes it would simply take ALOT longer to reach the ideal result. How do you figure genetics works? Lots of breeding and culling. So i agree not to breed them but if you did you could in theory reach great genetics after years and years :)
Theoretically that is. Actuality is that you'll wind up with tons of deformed VTs
Other then time to adjust, you need to condition the bettas before breeding them. It takes a couple of weeks at least of very high quality protein foods, namely, live foods... freeze dried and flakes are not nearly good enough to feed to a breeding pair.

Also, you will not know when she is ready to breed until you have properly conditioned them, and have introduced the two (not lose in the same tank).. seeing a female in a cup in a store is not going to tell you whether she is ready to breed, her health, if she is past her breeding prime, etc.
Those "breeding stripes" isn't just for breeding.. they use their stripes (both vertical and horizontal ones) for different reasons.. one of the bigger reasons they use their "breeding stripes" is for submission, and have nothing to do with breeding.

Just throwing in a pair of bettas you just purchased to breed is a very dangerous and bad idea.. not saying you can't use pet store bettas, but you have to condition them properly, make sure they are healthy.
Also keep in mind the first few spawns you may end up having to cull most of the fry, or all of them since you have no clue as to the history of your pair, their ages, their genes, etc.

What tail types are you going for?

What is your set up?

What foods have you cultured?

Not trying to be rude, but from just the little you have said is saying you don't have enough knowledge about their basic cares.. with time, hundreds of dollars worth of the proper set up, we can help you.

But first, lets condition your fish..
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I love the turtle in your avatar! Or is it a tortoise?
Theoretically that is. Actuality is that you'll wind up with tons of deformed VTs
That's my point. :p
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