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Titan, Mothra, Charybdis
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Random show and tell featuring my scale babies.

Charybdis, the youngest at just a few weeks with me. He is scared of everything and right now in a quarantine tank, but doing much better.
Purple Organism Feather Window Pink

Plant Pollinator Flower Organism Underwater

Plant Flower Liquid Organism Paint

Mothra, the middle child. He is just about a year old, and the sweetest boy ever. He is super photogenic and loves attention and betta bits. Wouldn’t ever tell the others, but he is my favorite.
Plant Green Leaf Wood Carnivore

Water Organism Fin Underwater Fawn

Eye Fin Organism Fish Underwater

Titan, the oldest at nearly four years. He has gone through several color changes and is partially blind. He is a grumpy boy who only tolerates me twice a day for betta bits.
Eye Cockatoo Beak Parrot Pet supply

Flower Plant Purple Wood Petal

Purple Plant Water Petal Violet
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