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my sorority girls are in, but i have a few questions.

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okay, so, it's only been about 24 hrs since i put them together. lots of plants and lots of hiding spots. it's a 10 gallon tank and i have 7 females. they all vary in size. there has been a lot of nipped fins. so now for some questions..

how long does it take to establish the pecking order?

i think i may see 2 of my girls that look as if they have a missing scale or two, should i treat them or will they be okay?

a couple of my girls seem to stress stripe and clamp easily, but only temporary, maybe lasts a few minutes. should i be worried? or is this normal?

when is a bully a bully? i noticed my largest female, Sapphira, tends to chase all the others around. i'm unsure if this is just her becoming alpha or if she's intentionally finding them and chasing them. but when the others see her they swim away quickly, for the most part. i noticed she's not as interested in her surroundings like the other girls are though.

sorry if these are simply questions but i just want to make sure it all sounds normal. i've read stickies and threads but they don't really answer my questions.
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Sometimes you have to just give them time to do you have it setup...filter, hiding place levels...really important to have tall items that go all the way to the top to allow them to get to the top without being seen and to break the line of site.

In 10gal with 7 females IMO you are pushing it.....if the big girl keeps causing problems you might need to remove her.

Stripes, color changes, clamp fins are a form of communication and camo-normal and expected to see this in a long as it resolves on its own within a reasonable time.
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