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I'm glad to see you are wanting and trying to do more for them..
I would add in more plants, plastics are fine since the females don't have the same long fins as males, and can navigate through them easier. Just no pointy ones..
You put items in there, but instead of giving more places to hide, they just take up a lot of swimming space.
If you don't want floating plants, then tall plants would be good as it seems they are at the top often enough. Just had a couple member's sororities end up collapsing, so trying to help give you a good fighting chance with yours.

I would remove the cat and add in a lot more plants.. all the stuff on the bottom isn't doing them any good or breaking up the lines of sights. You can keep them in there, just need more plants! Soft plastic would be fine with them if that is all you can find.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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