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My two new boys and a few extras.

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So last night I went to petsmart, and low and behold they had their Pk's on sale for only $4!! So I snagged up two of the five left. They are reallyyy beautiful fish now that I can clearly see them out of the nasty blue water.

One is currently named Mr. Mustache, but I plan on changing it, and the sky blue boy has no name at all.

The Blue Boy

The Silver boy

Extras :D

Abaddon says hai :D

Pretty Boy says hai

Grumpy Commander

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aww there all so pretty :3
Pretty! The silver boy looks like a dragon! :O I can't beleive you got those at petsmart. lol

I love the pic of Pretty Boy. :D
^^ they are both dragons, The blue is a full mask though.Ikr :D and only for $4, They had three more, and I was gonna get another, but then it'd have to have bought another filter to complete my extra 10 gallon that I have on hand.

Pretty boy LOVES that cave, for some reason, that entire tank that Pretty Boy,Dante and Abbadon live in, well they are all fin biters -_____-
Very beautiful they are such little characters I love it!
Thank you, the powder blue boy is now named Cadus, however the silver boy still hasn't really gotten a name yet. I've been looking everywhere but can't seem to come up with something.

All my boys are crazy xD, they have such funny personalities that just up my day, everyday.
I love their names!
^^ thank you
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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