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I want to share photos of my newest bettas.

First of all, here is my favorite one, I named him Kaew Mangkorn (Dragon fruit in Thai), he is an elephant ear betta who is very energetic and currently is waiting for his lady to be ready to spawn. Personally I think photo doesnt make justice to the beautiful movement of his pactoral fins.
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The second one is unnamed yet, he seems to be a half-moon hybryd, I found him on a small bag in the discount fish pile and I bought him for only 10 baht (about ¢0.30 of a dollar), He doesn't have a name yet. I choose him because he has a very unusual-looking blue spot on one side of the body. He is not as energetic as Keaw, and seems to be more shy.
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Hope you like our fish. Soon I will get more, as soon as I get a better place for placing more aquariums.
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