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Narmur, got a glamour shot.

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This is Narmur. I got him today actually. >_> I thought this picture was funny because it looked like he was modeling and doing somewhat of a "Cover girl" turn around pose. Does anyone else have any glamour shots? With a mug like his I don't think he will be getting any contracts soon.
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LOL, I probably have a hundred shots of my guys doing that pose. They always turn toward the camera at the last second to see what the heck I'm doing, and this is the picture I get. ;-)
Bahaha! That's funny. I had to take the lid off his tank and take pictures because of all the bubbles on the side since it was fresh made. He was probably thinking "The heck are you doin' woman!" And I got this.
LOL, yes - "the heck you doin??" is the exact expression they get. :lol:
Lol! I always think of Vogue when I see these kind of pictures xD
Here's my little girl striking a pose.
Awww! She's so little. And quite fabulous. Lol!
Awww! She's so little. And quite fabulous. Lol!
Hehe, she's only about an inch x] thanks..=] Lol, she's quite the model!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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