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*Neaccos tummy is enlarged

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* neaccos tummy is enlarged....I just have no clue as to what's going on he's always hungry and he eats when ever I feedem...which is two-three times a day only one tiny biogold pelet* I gavem a treat today of some dead frozen dryed blood worms his belly looks white is he ok what the hecs going on?
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I'm pleased to say " no more swelling to looks close to average today.. ooftas!
Neacco swollen belley 3~7~2012

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Thinking maby he mite be allergic to the blood worms? He seems active today and much better. He keeps looking for lunch in his tank but I'm going to wait till tommaro to feedem again just to make shur what ever was bothering his is flushed outta hi system.
Well tonight around 11:30pm central time his tummy looked slightly swelled..its now 3:26am center standard time and its totaly swollen again? Really does anyone have any clue as to what's happening? His scales arnt protruding so I'm hopeing its not dropsey...somone please answer me this is really odd.I'm going to call the pet store today this afternoon.
What color is his waste? If it is white and stringy it is indicative of internal parasites. My guy looked similar to him without the white, but same swelling. You could try bumping his temps up to around 85* and giving a 2-3 tsp of epsom salt per gallon water. With my guy I just bought some Jungle Parasite Clear and put it in his water.

Before doing this I would really recommend you find some of his droppings. If you can't find any he may be constipated and you could still do the epsom salt to try to get him to go. Bloodworms that are freeze dried can cause constipation and that could cause the swelling. Either way epsom salt baths are effective against both parasites and constipation. To be effective agianst parasites it needs to be combined with the anti-parasite meds though.
Thanks for responding I appreacate that! Ok so I've had the 5 gallon up since last sat night I've only noticed maby 1~2 droppings they where close to the color of the pellets an orangish brown light colored. Consitpation crossed my mind tonight..just bafled with the time fram. From 11:30~ to some where around 10:00am at which point the swelling was close to not noticeable. Ok epsont salt....
his eyes are dialated to that's another clue somthings going on.....
Looks like he might have dropsy. I'm sorry, it is almost impossible to treat :c
He doesn't look badly bloated in that pic. So I wouldn't think dropsy.
Called the pet store they think he may be constipated...the time frame is still really odd I'm going to fast him for a few days I havnt seen any droppings since Monday...doing his water change later today as well. If the fast dosnt work out then I'm going to pick up some epsont salt....if the issue continues all give him some anitbotics
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