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need help with fish medication dosage.

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so i got my little brother a fish for his birthday a while back and its been at least 2 months now since we have had him.

the fish has fin rot and yesterday we bought some FURAN-2 the 10 packet which this whole package treats up to 100 gallons. the direction say:
-one packet which is 85mg nitrofurazone is for 10 gallons of water.
-repeat dose after 24 hrs
-wait 24 then change 25% of aquarium water
- repeat this treatment for a second time, for a total of 4 doses
-25% water change and add fresh water filter media

i only have a 1 1/2 quart tank which is 0.375 gallons. a bit small for the amount of medication i have. so i dont want to mess up the dosage in the little guys tank so it would help if i knew the exact amount to put in the tank. thanks
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the water has been changed frequently, and it is at room temperature which is between 21+ celsius. so im guessing at some point today im to pick up a water heater then lol. also the fin has receded back a bit too far(even with cleaning water for hopes of getting better) and the meds was to help cure some unknown issues if any and as well as fin issues. so im going to need water softener, aqua salt or something close to(recommend?) if i cant manage to get out to grab the stuff. and a bigger tank. anything else i might be missing?
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