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In short, my 55 gallon planted community tank most certainly has camallanus. I have just noticed it upon returning from a two weeks vacation. I can only see the worms protruding from two fish (a GW killie & female guppy), but it's safe to say the whole set up is infested. I have already decided to treat with Levamisole and/or Fenbendazole, but I have a few questions that anyone who has battled this before can hopefully answer for me.

#1 - I know the above meds will kill adult worms, but what meds will kill the eggs to prevent reinfection? And what can I use to disinfect my aquarium and supplies that will definitely destroy these little terrors?
#2 - Should I just leave the plants with the fish as they're treated?
#3 - Must I run medicated water through my filter to sanitize it, or can I use alcohol, bleach, or vinegar?

Plan of attack: I'm thinking I'll put all fish and plants in a smaller tank/container to treat them. Then I'll completely drain my 55 gallon, toss all the gravel(which I'm sure has millions of parasite eggs), nuke the tank with every cleaning agent know to man, then put in new gravel & water, and hopefully fully recovered fish. Does this sounds like it should work? Thank you so much to anyone who can offer some insight on this!
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