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So I have just recently bought a 50 gallon tank and while my water is conditioning, I have been wondering what other fish to get!

I already have:
- 1 Male Betta
- 1 Gold Twin-barred Platy
- 1 Mickey Mouse Platy
- 1 Red Wag Platy

I when I bought my platy's, i hadn't really planned to, I kind of just bough them. This was after I had already bough my betta. But now My betta and the gold twin barred platy and not letting the red wag platy eat, whenever he tries, they attack him. I have an old 2.5 gallon tank which I put the red wag platy in now but this is temporary.

So to fix this I am going to buy:
- 2 more Gold Twin-barred Platy to complete a school
- 2 more Mickey Mouse Platy to complete a school
- 2 Red Wag Platy to complete a school

Plus I really want:
- 2 African Dwarf Frogs :)

I also wanted to buy more fish so I was wondering which fish to get. I have been trying to pick between:
- 5 Neon Tetras
- 5 White Cloud Minnows
- 5 Bloodfin Tetras

Which ones should I get!?
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