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Need some advice

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Hi there!

I have been searching thread for a few days but would like advice from some people more experienced than myself.

I have a half moon betta.. I'm not sure of his age as I purchased him from a pet store. The first day I got him he was all closed up, shy. I moved him into a 1 gallon tank that I had from a previous betta (who somehow lived over 2 years in this little tank.) He was instantly happy, spread his lovely fins and his colour turned very vibrant. I did water changed almost daily and he was happy. A few days a go, he started to sleep in his 'sleeping spot' during the day so I knew something was up.

Went and purchased a 3 gallon tank, a leaf for him to lay on, a heater, thermometer, and did a complete water change and transferred him into the bigger tank. He explored quite a bit and seemed happy. Now he is just laying on the bottom of the tank (in a sleeping position).

Could he be tired from the tank transfer?? Do you guys think his happiness and health will improve?

I was thinking about going to get him a moss ball tomorrow, would this be advantageous to his health?

Thanks in advance!
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Hmm.. So he is lethargic but happy, do you leave his light on all the time? What is his tank temperature? Do you have water parameters? (How much ammonia) and how do you treat the water you add to the tank?
he was more active when I first transferred him, swam around for about 20 mins now has settled and seems tired again. He doesn't have a light as he is by a window that gets some indirect sunlight. The tank temp is 75 and has been steady since I transferred him a few hours ago. I treated the water when I did a full tank change and let it settle before I put him in. Not sure about ammonia but I would assume it would be low as he hasn't had a chance to soil the new water yet very much I thought? Should I get a kit of test strips to check water quality?

Also read that live plans would help with the filtration of ammonia in the tank, is this true?
Forgot to answer, I use an all in one water treater for tropical fish and bettas. Have used this same one for my betta, goldfish tank and my tropical tank it's always worked well as far as I know, but am open to suggestions if perhaps the betta has special needs with water treatment.
I just wanted to make sure he didn't have chlorine/ammonia poisoning. The API test kit is worth the extra money in the long run. He may just be stressed, there are plenty of silk plants and "hidey spots" right? Also does he have a whole lot of finnage (rose tail)? If so he may be weighed down.

I would do a 50% daily water change and see if the gets better
okay I will definitely do the water changes. I can post a pic of him a few days ago when he was all spread out. He has a plant and a turtle and a resting leaf. I have another decor piece that I can add (it's like a big plane with wings he could sit under) I just didn't know if it would be better to leave him swimming room or provide him more shelter. He currently rests under the turtle or in the corner under the plant.

The pic I posted is him in his 1 gallon a few days ago before I switched him over, do his fins look too big?


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In the new tank I would definitely add another silk plant or two. Also do you have any stresscoat or Indian almond leaf? If so add it, if not try decaffeinated green tea, but dont use the green tea too often, it's not exactly meant for fish but it works in a pinch

I can't get over how pretty he is. Blue red delta tail butterfly
okay will go grab some more plants tomorrow sounds great thanks! I will find those things for stress, too.. And thank you! I honestly wasn't even planning on getting another betta but I saw him and HAD to have him, he was soo beautiful! his name is Fresh!

Thanks so much for the advice
I know the feeling, I couldn't resist Mesmer. If you're going to the store and have spare cash pick up a small container of AQ salt, most diseases can be treated with it.
First off, your little guy is gorgeous, I really love his coloration.

If you haven't, you want to get him a little cup or something enclosed that he can go into to hide when he feels like it.

Also, I'm finding it almost a necessity to have a water test kit these days. Reasoning is that a lot of cities if they haven't already, are switching over to chloramine to disinfect their water, and the problem is that chloramine is basically chlorine and ammonia bonded. If your city does treat your water, then there are a lot of factors that determine how much actually comes out of your tap, a lot of times it's around 0.5 ppm ammonia but I've read people getting as much as 2 - 4 ppm out of their taps. As your tank is uncycled, this is where you have to be careful.

If you city does use chloramine, then even water changes still introduce ammonia into your system at a high level, cycling and plants help out tremendously with this and this is where Seachem Prime helps out, by locking up that ammonia until it can get used by the bacteria and plants.

First thing I'd do is maybe up the temp to 76 or 78 and see how he reacts, then test your tap water and your tank water to see what's going on there. He doesn't seem like he's in any danger though. Again, he's beautiful.
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