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need some suggestions

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here are the list of betta that i m planning to breed
: Elephant ears betta male, around 4 months old, nice violet color
: Black dragon male, around 3 months old. he got a black fins on out side and the inner part is red

Dragon female : 3 months old, tail is grey color
Elephant ears female: 4 months old, violet
Red Cambodia Giant:5 months old
Super red Giant:4 months old

really need some suggestions on which to breed :) can't really make up my mind to keep the ELephant ears or mix it with dragon or Giant ;-) give me some suggestions thanks
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What do you like best? Big bettas, big pectorals, . . . . breed what you like most.

If you want to breed female giants to regular sized males, you need to stunt giant's growth. Keep her in a smaller container and feed sparingly. While keeping the male in bigger tanks fed as much as they would eat. Hopefully by 5-6 months the regular males would be 4+ cm (body) and the females are no more than 5 cm (body).
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