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Nerite Eggs?

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Are these spots on the plant nerite eggs? anyway to get rid of them without removing the nerite?
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They are eggs of some kind & very possibly Nerite. If they are Nerite they won't hatch in fresh water if that is what you're worried about. If you just to want clean them because you don't like the look the only way I know to do it is by hand.
Thanks...there is a nerite in the tank, but it just started doing this after having it for a couple months. will it stop with the eggs eventually?
I don't know if they ever stop. I have nerites but I've never really paid attention the eggs. That kind of stuff is just part of a natural habitat in my eyes.
They look like nerita eggs. They are as hard as a rock, so pretty tough to get rid of. I just ignore them
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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