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Nerite vs other snails

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I was so excited to go to my largest LFS today and get my banana plant. Then I saw they had Nerite snails! I was skeptical but they were only $1.23 soI figured if they weren't actually Nerites I wouldn't be too upset. Now that I'm home and have them, my banana plant, and my duckweed in my qt bowl i realize only two are olive colored. The other two are black. How can I be sure they are Nerites?

Tl;dr. Are these Nerite snails, if not what are they? The last one is one of the olive ones.


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Don't quipte me on this since I'm not totaly well versed with snails. But from what I can tell they look like nerites, and they look like what my nerites look like. So I want to say they are.
Nerites co.e in all sorts of patterns and colors and , but the most commons ones you'll find in petstores are zebra nerites, tire tracks nerite amd olive nerite. I think black nerites are just really dark olives.
Sorry I couldn't be more helpfull, its been a long time since I've done research on nerites
Whew okay good! Thank you. How can you tell? Shell shape? Any idea what the white part is on the black ones, these are my first snails.
I have 2 black nerites, and a couple yellow with brown stripes...they are so cute, look like bumble bees on the plants. And, I have a couple reddish ones with black dots.
The shell can grow differently based on water conditions. The white part was the first bit of shell it grew as a baby, and after that it looks like it was moved to a different water source.

You can tell they are nerites by the size and shape. I don't know of any other freshwater snails that look like them.
Awesome. Thanks! I got a piece of cuttle bone, do I just stick that in with them?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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