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1 gallon is a minimum for a betta fish. More is great, less is bad. Make sure you're doing 100% water changes every few days! Little tanks get dirtier faster.

Bowls are fine. I keep my bettas in bowls. JUST MAKE SURE TO COVER THEM!!!! Bettas are jumping fish, so if you don't have a lid or cover that can be a potential hazard. I cover my 3 gallon glass bowls with cling-wrap with a little gap around the edge for air/venting. It also keeps the water from evaporating and the temperature in the bowl more stable! :)

- 2 inches sounds like a lot to me, you can probably get away with less in a little bowl like that. Remember, thats 2 inches of swim space you've lost!
-Make sure you're using SILK or LIVE plants! Plastic plants can slice up a betta's fins or sides easily! They're fragile fish.

I feed my fish twice daily. Once in the morning, and once at night. I feed Omega One betta pellets (pellets make the water less cloudy, also flakes cause bloating so try to avoid flakes if possible). Remember, you're betta's tummy is only as big as its eyeball! If his belly looks swollen or he's having a hard time swimming, you're probably feeding him too much. I only give my guys 3 pellets in the morning, 1 or 2 at night.

Bettas should be kept out of direct sunlight as far as I know. Having a light on him for a few hours a day should be fine, but I wouldn't have it on ALL day. Natural light is best light, let his day change just like yours! (Don't lock him in the dark, you wouldn't like that, would you? :p )

Those both sound fine. I'd just use one until it runs out and then switch XD Its just a de-chlorinator. Makes the water safe for fish. :)

No. Just wait the appropriate amount of time after de-chlorinating your bowl. (usually an hour) Cycling is generally for larger tanks and community tanks. I don't cycle my guys in bowls and they're just fine. If you want to try to do it go for it! There's a thread on cycling here:

-NEVER EVER EVER USE SOAP ON ANYTHING!!!! Soap is toxic to fish! Don't even use it when you're cleaning your bowl/plants/ect.!!!
-Try investing in a small mirror! Its fun to watch your fish flare at himself for a few minutes every day. A good fishy work-out! :)
-Always check your decorations for rough edges! If you put any ceramic/sculpted decorations in his bowl ever, make sure you soak them overnight or for 24 hrs first! Sometimes certain decorations can cloud the water or leave nasty chemical residue in the water. Check the "dangerous decorations" thread for more on that one:
-Bettas like it warm! Make sure you have a thermometer to keep your temperature around 76-80F!
-For more fun DIY projects for your fish:

Feel free to ask more questions! :)
Best of luck!
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