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*Note: I'm a total n00b to both this forum and Betta care, so I apologize if my question has been answered elsewhere, or is inappropriate in any way.

I'm not all that acquainted with fish neurobiology. I have read in multiple sources, none of them academic in nature, about Betta fish depression. My question is, do the fish actually get depressed per se? Or, conversely, does the entire concept have more to do with the tendency of humans to anthropomorphize animals in ways that may not be accurate?

I believe rather strongly, for a number of reasons, that yes, something with a nervous system such as that of a fish DOES have subjective experience, and likely can become distressed emotionally. But, is their nervous system, as it is currently understood, thought to allow the capacity for, say, depression or boredom? I am very curious about this. My guess would be that, yes, they can become depressed or bored. I would be rather hesitant to simply dismiss the possibility.

Does anyone know more about this, or have information about it? I'm very curious about the matter and would love to learn more about it.

Thank you!!
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