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New 3 gallon tank!

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Today, I transfered Caravaggio, my one betta, from a 1 gallon jar to a 3 gallon tank with all of the trimmings! I've been worried about him this past week! His fins were a little clamped a few days ago, but with the weather he's perked up again. I won't have to worry about the cold anymore, because he has a heater.

Here he is adjusting to the water, and looking at me and wondering WHY HE ISN'T IN THE NEW TANK. He kept trying to explore things outside the cup. It was so cute!

Annnnd he's in! Here's his new setup. : ) I think it's just the right size, considering that I'm in a dorm and he's TINY right now.

This was his favorite spot in his jar, and it's his favorite in his gallon! But at first, this was the only place he would go in the tank, because the filter was just a little too strong for him!

Soooooo, I baffled it, and now he's happily swimming around like a king! : )

His tank has a thermometer, a filter, a heater...everything his little betta heart could desire!
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Is that an Eclipse? They look really great for a betta setup.
Yes it is! : ) So far I'm really pleased, but it's only day one, so...I'm mostly just relieved that the filter is SILENT, because I have a roommate and don't want to annoy her/have to not use the filter because of her.
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