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New AB boys!!

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So, my two AB boys showed up yesterday. I can't get good shots of the dragon scale half moon, because he will not cooperate. ;)

But I got some good pictures of my HMPK. I am so in love with this guy's coloring. He does not like having his picture taken, though -- he kept flaring at the camera (as you can see from my avatar). :lol:
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:shock: He's gorgeous!
Thank you! :-D

I had already ordered another AB fish, but I couldn't talk myself out of a second one when I saw this guy. HAD to have him. ;)
Okay, used a different camera (one better suited to catching a moving target) and got these shots of my half moon. Can't convince him to flare for the picture yet. ;)

He was a lot deeper blue in the seller photos; I'm guessing he'll color up more when he's more settled in his new home.
So, anybody got any ideas for names for these two? :)
Got lost in the shuffle - y'all have been busy in the pictures forum over the last few days. ;-)

Still looking for name suggestions for these guys...though I'm leaning heavily toward a friend's suggestion of "Erik the Red" for the half moon, hehehe.
Wow! Those are some lookers :shock:

I can't wait for the day I can order a fish off AB :-D
Thank you! :-D

I tried to resist, I really did. Then I broke down and bought the blue and red HM dragon. Then I tried to stay away from AB...but I went back "just to look" and fell instantly in love with the marble. He's incredible in person -- that streak of yellow close to his body is really gorgeous.

Can't wait for the day you show us your first AB baby! :-D
i would've done the same thing if i had money 0-0 i actually to got another AB betta (waiting when will come) i love the HMPK he has some coloring :) and the half moon boy is gorgeous :-D
Thank you! :-D

Can't wait to see pics of your AB fish when he arrives, betta_lover!
If you're still looking for a name, I have some ideas.
For the plakat:
- Icicle
- Doom
- Grimm

For the HM:
- Cynder
- Smaug ( like the dragon in The Hobbit)
- Auryn (like in the neverending story)

They're just suggestions that appeared to me when I saw your gorgeous fishies!!!
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that HMPK is gorgeous! Im going to end up getting a fancy HMPK pair myself if I keep seeing beauties like this!
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