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New aquarium

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I have a new aquarium set up for my Betta. I have had the filter running for 72 hours now. Today I added the garvel and some plants. How long should I wait until introducing him to his new home?
Forgot to add, it is a 20L tank. I have a ph colour testing kit, thinking I should invest in something easier to use or something digital for more accurate readings. The kit I have says the water ph is at 7.4. I am trying my best here for my little guy, he deserves a nice big tank with friends, am going to be adding some neon tetras whenever the tank is ready. I am just not sure how to tell if it is safe for Phoenix.
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Ugh. I don't listen to pet store people at all. Even the LFS seems to have some clueless peeps.
If you want a buddy for him, once it's cycled you can try adding some shrimp :)

That's 8 gallons. Personally I still think it's a no..
Have you thought about dividing and getting a second betta? :)
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