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New aquarium

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I have a new aquarium set up for my Betta. I have had the filter running for 72 hours now. Today I added the garvel and some plants. How long should I wait until introducing him to his new home?
Forgot to add, it is a 20L tank. I have a ph colour testing kit, thinking I should invest in something easier to use or something digital for more accurate readings. The kit I have says the water ph is at 7.4. I am trying my best here for my little guy, he deserves a nice big tank with friends, am going to be adding some neon tetras whenever the tank is ready. I am just not sure how to tell if it is safe for Phoenix.
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Do you plan on cycling the tank?
Cycling is strongly encouraged because the beneficial bacteria consumes the dangerous ammonia and nitrites. There is less frequent water changes with less water changed each time compared to an uncycled tank. The environment would be more stable so your betta would be less likely to get diseases and less stressed. Also, neon tetras require a cycled environment to live a healthy life.

A ph of 7.4 is fine for bettas and if you try to chemically change the ph, it's hard to keep it at the same level. A ph of between 6 and 8 is usually fine for bettas (6-7.5 ph for betta with neon tetras).

Ph is usually not a huge deal in the aquarium world and I suggest you buying an ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates tests instead because these are usually more helpful and can show when dangerous conditions arise for your fish.
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