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Hi everyone!

My betta, Finn, recently passed away and yesterday I adopted a new, healthy koi plakat! His name is Gilbert ("Gill" to go along with the anatomical theme ;)) and he's a little gem with an awesome personality!

I was also very bad yesterday . . . I could not walk away from a male CT that was struggling to stay upright in his feces-filled cup. He was bigger than ALL the other bettas, so that makes me wonder if he's been passed up for quite a while. If that's the case I assume that it's probably because of his difficulty swimming, because he's a gorgeous little guy! My hope is to rehab and re-home him since I only have room on my desk for one 5gal tank.

I got him all set up yesterday in my 3gal (uncycled) spare tank that I keep just in case something happens to the 5gal. I put just a gallon of water in (enough to cover the heater) and some silk plants so he can reach the surface easily. I added Prime, Stress Guard, a tsp of epsom salts. He was very stressed in the tank even after acclimating him for an hour or so first, so I covered up most of the tank with a towel until this morning.

What worries me today, is that he is not eating and doesn't even appear to be interested in food. He just sits in one spot on a leaf close to the surface. He might have a little less trouble actually swimming, but he still sinks and lists to one side whenever he stops. His fins appear somewhat clamped to me too. Otherwise I don't see any obvious signs of disease.

I've always heard that CT's tend to be a little . . . well . . . extra spazzy? than some other types, so I'm wondering if I should just give him more time to adjust, or if there is anything else I should be doing for him now.

Thanks folks!

CT1 is from yesterday showing him sunk to the bottom
CT4 and CT2 are the only good pictures I could get today. I had to take him out of the 3gal tank for pics because he was constantly hiding.
. . . and there's one of Gill for good measure! 馃槃


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Since you found him in such foul water it could be ammonia poisoning. If he had damaged gills adding an air stone to his tank while he recovers might help. I had a new betta hide and refuse to eat for 7 day鈥檚 straight once, he eventually warmed up to me and the hand that feeds him lol. Since the 3 gal isn鈥檛 cycled yet just keep up changing water so no more ammonia has a chance to build up poor guy sounds like he hit his limit on all that. I hope he recovers 馃挏 it鈥檚 really nice that you鈥檙e giving him a chance.

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Thank you for saving him and giving him some hope! His colours look lovely and I'm sure he is grateful for what you are doing to him. Don't lose hope! Gill looks super cute too! All the best and Barry (my blue marble betta) wishes him the same too :)

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Today CT is flaring out his operculum when he tries to take a breath. He will flare either one side or the other or both and then he takes a big gulp of air. :oops: I've also seen large bubbles come out of his gills while he's sitting still and flares one side or the other.

I've started Maracyn 2 thinking he may have a bacterial infection. He is still refusing food and he just sits in one place all day on a leaf as close to the surface as he can get. He is not gasping, but he takes big gulping breaths regularly. I've ordered an air stone that should be here Friday, but he seems to just be getting worse.

Any ideas on what else I could do for this little guy?

Edit: I've been watching him again and it seems as though every time he takes a breath he flares one or both gills, gulps air, then opens his mouth again and bubbles come out from his mouth and gills. Almost like the O2 has no where to go but out?? His gills are black in color but when he flares and gulps air I see a lot of redness and apparent inflammation, so it very well could be ammonia poisoning . . .

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If the actual gill tissue is black that is often indicative of Ammonia, Nitrite or Nitrate poisoning. If the gill tissue is red that is normal.

Chronic exposure can cause many issues. The best thing is daily or every other day partial water changes. I also recommend making a strong tea out of Indian Almond Leaves or plain Rooibos Tea. You can store the leftovers in the refrigerator. For extra "oomph" I like to also float a leaf or teabag in the tank. I also use StressGuard and dose daily.

If there's no filter in his tank, I would recommend an air stone and pump. As Betta are facultative breathers this would allow him to stay on the bottom if that's where he's more comfortable. You could try feeding him frozen food but if he's not eating I wouldn't worry about it right now. However, I'm sure Gill would love it if you tried the frozen. ;)

That CT are different in behavior is yet another one of those Internet myths. My CT have been no different from the others.
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