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new bata owner, one of my fish not eating

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i recently bought myself 2 female bata fish and a blue mystery snail... my one bata is very content moving around eating ever chance she gets.. how ever my other bata stays around the bottom of the tank.. and will not come up for food, she seems to bully my snail so that he doesn't wanna come out his shell unless she is sleeping... should i be worried about this behavior?
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Are your bettas seperated in a single tank or do they each have their own? Also what size tank do you have?
they are in the same tank.. i have a 3.5 gallon tank.. nothing too big nothing to small.. the lady at the pet shop told me that 3.5 gallon tank would be perfect for my 2 batas and my snail... i even had my tank set up for a week before i got my batas made sure the water was the right temp and the ammonia level was correct..
Bettas can NOT live together without a separator. They will fight each other and one or both will die. I recommend that you separate them right away, that may be the reason your fish is too stressed to eat or move.
ooooo :( i was miss lead to believe that males could not live together... but 2 females would be ok.... can 1 bata fish live happily with any other type of fish that you know of???
Female betta fish CAN live together in sororities- though you usually want to have 4. The new fish may just be stressed. Give her a few days and see if she still doesn't eat. Try pellets and flakes and live food if you can.

Most enthusiasts are aware that you can’t keep two male Bettas in a tank. They will fight to death, but most also seem to think that female Bettas will stay together amicably. This is not always true. Female Bettas have more personality and spunk and can be really aggressive.

It is, however, possible to keep female Bettas in the same tank and even though their plumage is not as beautiful as the male, they look amazing swimming together in one tank. Female Bettas can learn to live peacefully with each other." the tank-together
Bettas living with other fish require much larger tanks than a 3.5 gallon, it is recommend that you at least have a 10 gallon or higher if you were to have a betta and friends.

As for females being together, it is much more complex than what it seems. They require a 10 gallon minimum with tons of hiding places and plants(live or fake) so that they won't encounter one another very frequently, they will fight one another reguardless of having places to hide, that is why it is recommended to have 4 females or more so that the aggression would be spread out against multiple fish rather than just 1. And with that said, you can't always have any 4 females together.

If you wish to learn more on sororities you can search the forums, there are some good established threads on making them work.
my problem is not that they are fighting each other tho.. the one female fish does her own thing.. swims around.. but the other fish bullys my snail, he wont even come out of his shell when ever she is around she pokes and picks at him.. im wondering if she is the aggressive one and if i should return her to the shop
I'd return one of your girls for sure.. it's just not a good idea long term to have them together. One day something is bound to happen.
Some bettas are not capable of living with any other creatures, including snails. I would return that girl or buy her a seperate tank.
I suspect the girl lying at the bottom is doing so because she is worried and very stressed, as the other girl is the alpha and she has no way to get away from each other.

Since the petshop lady gave you such bad information, I just want to check - do you have a heater for your tank?
Even if things look good now, when they stop acclimatising and get used to their new home, there is a really high chance the girls will start to fight. Seperate them now, before it happens.
oo yes i do have a heater, keeps my tank at about 78.5-80f ... i also have an thermometer just in case.. i also have a ammonia detector in my tank.. not heavily graveled with 3 medium size plastic plants and a small little house to hid in (the bottom female tends to use the house offten.. she is also the one that picks on my snail).. i also have a light that changes colors (but as i read i should keep it off for a few days to a week, untill fish are use to new home)
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