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Hello all! I recently purchased a halfmoon male Betta from Petco on Friday. His name is Steven and I just love him to death already! I've had Betta fish when I was extremely little, but I don't remember much about it. I'm having to re-learn everything and it's a process! He's in a 1.3 gallon bowl right now (it was the best Petco had that wasn't gigantic, I know it is too small and I want to upgrade as soon as I can) with a hidey place. I will get him some plants as soon as the weather is agreeable and I ordered a heater for him from eBay.

Steven was pretty grumpy in his new home at first, flaring up at me whenever I sat down to watch him, but he's okay with it now! He swims around and in and out of his diver's helmet I got him. He'll eat and have his food sometimes hanging out of his mouth, it's pretty funny.

I love animals, and have 2 dogs, 2 guinea pigs, and now a Betta. I want to take great care of them all, but like I said, I am still learning with Betta fish. I've been changing his water every other day, and keeping it warm until the heater gets here. He seems pretty happy (anything is better than that small Petco cup I suppose).

I hope to learn a bunch of all you guys to make myself a better Betta owner and make Steven even happier!
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