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New Betta help, tips??

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So i just got a Male Betta and an aquarium starter kit; 5 gallon tank, filter, heater, rocks. Im just curious as to what little trinkets and toys and what not the fish like. Im wondering on how to tell if its a male or female, and if it is a male, will getting a female be ok? Or will they just fight? I just wanna get a buddy for him so he wont be lonely. If you have any tips, tricks, hints, whatever will help, its greatly appreciated. Thank you!!
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And is there any water that I can just add straight to the tank without additives?
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not sure on that. i use water conditioner and tap water so it makes it safe its probably the cheapest thing really.
I have a gallon jug (like a lemonade pitcher) that I bought from walmart. I fill that up with water, add conditioner, then add it to the tank. This is the method I perfer because I know the chlorine is detoxified before it comes in contact with the fish or good bacteria. But some people will pour the tap water directly into the tank after having first added the dechlorinator the to tank water. I guess it is personal preference.
Put the conditioner in before you put it in the tank. One you will Dave on water conditioner, saving you money. Also once your tank cycles if you put regular water in you will loose your cycle and will make you do mire water changes.
i just changed some of my water and now the tank has bubbles on the walls and things. could that be from the water being warm? (not really warm, i just tried to match the temperature of what was in the tank as best as i could)
It is normal, they will go away with time or you can remove them yourself.
ok good, i was worried because it didnt do that when i first put water in. thanks
Those bubbles are nitrogen, which apparently can sometimes cause a problem to fish by gathering under the skin or in their organs. I notice a LOT more of it in water from the hot tap than just the cold.

Just to be on the safe side, I like to 'age' my water for at least a day in VERY well rinsed (no detergent) milk containers. Most of the nitrogen's gone the next day.

I remove my betta from his tank, to a large ziploc bag with some of his old, warm water (then I sit the bag in a big yogurt container for stability) before adding the cold, aged water to the tank.

Then I turn the heater back on and wait the 5-10 mins or so for it to heat the new water to the right temp. Then I 'float' Sid in the bag for at least a half hour before putting him back in the tank.

This causes my fish little to no stress, as far as I can see, and doesn't take very long at all. I add the conditioner to each container of water according to the drops-per-liter directions before pouring it into the tank.
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right. i just had to clean the tank and i just bought him some toys and plants and was gonna put those in. and with the tank being dirty i figured i better do it soon
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