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New betta in shock? Lethargic? Sick?

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I just got a new male crown tail from Walmart :oops:
And in the cup he was pretty jumpy, I kept him in the cup for 2 days until I got the tank all set up and filtered. He is in a 3 gallon, with a heater and a very gentle filter that is air powered, and he has 3 live plants and a Marimo (sp?) moss ball, and LED lights. The temperature is at 78 degrees.

I conditioned our filtered tap water, and took a whole day to slowly get him used to the temperature and water.

Ie noticed he is kind of "panting" (opening his gills and mouth) and he hasn't eaten anything since I got him.

I have offered him betta flakes, pellets, blood worms, some betta food with little shrimp in it, and mashed pea without the shell.

At first he was laying on the bottom of the tank and only moved if I "scared" him to make sure he was alive, or if he came up to get air. Now he is staying at the surface and only moves a tiny bit to get air, or if I check to make sure he is alive. The panting has slowed down, but this has been going on for 4 days. Anything else I can do.
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What did you use to condition the water? How did you acclimate him to the water?

If you could, fill out the sticky at the top of the disease forum that says, "answer as many of these questions as possible". That will help us.
I used nutrafin betta plus+ with almond leaf extract, same stuff I use for all my other bettas, and I first floated the cup attached to the tank in the water for 4 hours, then I took a tablespoon of his cup water out and added a tablespoon of tank water every hour for 8 hours.
also dont have the led lights on all the time that can stress out the fish maybe thats why he wont eat
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