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New Betta with Cloudy Eyes

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Today, I couldn't pass up a gorgeous betta boy at a local pet store whose eyes are completely clouded over. Aside from that, he seems relatively healthy... his breathing is not laboured, his scales and fins look good, etc. So I thought I could start up this thread to share his journey :) I've read all the threads on here I could find regarding cloudy eyes... I am going to begin with keeping him in a little bit warmer than usual water, and will start adding salts and doing daily water changes tomorrow. The good news is that he ate for me tonight! I had to sink the food, and he snuffed around the bottom of the bowl for it (he appears to be blind)... but he ate a good amount, which makes me very hopeful :)

So, introducing "Dormiveglia" :)

This photo really shows his eyes -

I don't have any good body shots of him yet.. but he's a pearly white colour with a few black scales on his tail. He seems to be a very sweet boy, and wasn't upset by being moved into his heated bowl or by me disturbing the water to sink his food.
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Poor little darling :-( Good luck with him! :)
I have a betta fish with cloudy eyes too
After putting medication in her water, she's much better, she just needs to see the movement of the food/pellets
Good luck with him!
I'm pretty sure he's lucky to have found a good owner :) Even though he's blind he'll still lead a happy life :)
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