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New Betta!

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Okay so yesterday my dad took me to wal-mart and we went and looked at the tanks. After a while of picking and choosing I ran to see all the Betta's and one caught my eye. It was a pale orange male and it was beautiful. If you go to my wal-mart they ussaly only have red and blue so this was a big change. I made sure to see if he was breathing right, scales were laying flat, and no diseases like ICH. Now hes exploring his new 5 gallon tank and later today I'm going back to get more trees, a net, and a heater.

So quick question, my thermometer say 79-80 degrees Fahrenheit but If I stick my finger In It still feels cold. Is this normal?

Happy Betta Keeping!

Oh and P.S. He is now a bright orange!
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he sounds beautiful you should post some pics. it is usually normal for 79 to still feel kinda cool it us because it is water temp and not air temp. if you trust your thermometer then i would not worry. what kind is it? i have those floating ones with a suction cup i trust those. i don't really trust the sticker types, the ones that stick on the side of your tank, i cant see how they are accurate
I have the same thermometer and how do I post pics?
Hi, welcome to the forum.

Click the "add new post" (bottom left) or "go advance" (bottom center). At the window (top center) there's a paper clip (next to the smiley). Click that and an attachment box will open. Browse your computer and choose the picture and upload.
Click the paper clip again and attach.

looking forward to your pictures.
Thanks I think I'm going to make a photobucket account and upload them from their.;-)
Welcome to the forum and to the wonderful world of Betta keeping.....

Enjoy your stay...

Be sure and post questions in the proper section for best response.....
Hello and welcome! :-D Your fish is very handsome!
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