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I'm new to this site (and bettas) and I just wanted to introduce my betta Tequila. I have him in a one gallon tank, but I'm upgrading to a 5 gallon by next month because my parents aren't fond of fish :( LOL. For now water changes will have to do.

Unfortunately, even though my camera is full of his pictures, I can't find my connecter so you'll have to make do with a description. He's a common veiltail betta that I 'rescued' from Petsmart, because he had been there for over a month (I think LOL) and had a split tail that didn't seem to be healing. It's about 40 percent healed after just 3 days! Yay! He's still gorgeous- he has two red long strand ish fins and he has a black face. It lightens to navy blue then sky blue then back to navy.

He likes to flare at himself in the bottom of the tank, and I thought that was stressing him out, so I did a water change (his water was dirty anyway) and covered the places with gravel and marbles. He managed to move them all to one side and is flaring at the ground again! LOL. He has a bamboo for 'company' that he likes to rest on when he's sleeping, and his water is at 71 degrees. I'm going to get a heater for him soon :) I originally planned for a five gallon tank, and I had a heater already, but my parent are ****** :-(.

Long post, hope you enjoyed it!
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