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New fish! HM w/ dumbo fins

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My gourami died this morning. :'( Woke up and he was fine, swimming and eating happily. Came home from school to a dead fish. Had a funeral in the bathroom and cried. My dad heard and said I could get a new fish. Deciding that my only fish from now on is bettas, I hopped in the car and we went to the nearest petco, where I got THIS guy.
This is the kind of fish I expect to see on aquabid, or breeders on this site. He is a STUNNING butterfly halfmoon with an ENORMOUS pectoral fin, and the other is a nice size as well but nothing compared to the other. He is extraordinarily active and happy in his 2.5 gallon heated and filtered minbow. :D Hope you enjoy.
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Gorgeous coloring and finnage! I hope you enjoy your little friend! I agree with you, i did not have luck with any other fish----except my BETTA FISH!
Wow! He is so pretty! Love his dumbo ear!
Thank you myrainbowbettafish! :D <3 He's doing really well so far. :) And I have never seen a dumbo ear like that in person. o_O It's HUGE. Hehe.
oh gosh just one side? That's so so so cute! More pics, and tell us when you name him!
Thanks! And I will, but I need some ideas! ;D Feel free to post some.
mines is a HMPK and his pectoral fins are uneven as well, some of my family, says "i found nemo!!" >.>" on of his big ears are twice the size of his head :p
lol, but he is beautiful btw
strange i just noticed that his big ear is more "circle" like, and mines is more like a triangular shape :|
Ooh, how gorgeous! <3 Love his coloring, and big eared betta's are so adorable. ;w;
He's a really nice lookin' fish! I love B.E. bettas! :D If that's his petco cup he looks as big as some of the giant bettas :D Really glad you found him, but i'm sorry for your loss that made you go out to the store. :( Maybe it was meant to be.

I wish my Petco sold big ear bettas!! They just did a MAJOR remodel of their store though so maybe I just have to be patient. :D
Thanks so much everyone! He settled in really nicely already but he doesn't seem interested in food yet, he's too preoccupied by his new home. :) He's very active and curious. And I LOVE his fins. Wish I could see him flare!
Betta lover 1507 - sounds like your fish is stunning! And hehe it's probably the tail type that causes the different shapes in fins.
Galaxy - Thanks so much! I believe this pattern is called a butterfly pattern. :)
Bombularina - thanks so much! I agree. :)
Twilight storm - thanks! yes that was him when I just brought him home. :) I'm glad I found him too, he'se really gorgeous and extremely healthy so far. I am really gonna miss my gourami but I guess he wasn't meant to be with me, and this fish was. Stay patient! There were at least 4 other half moons and DeT bettas at my petco with fins like this. It's all in the breeder. :)
That ear is fantastic! He's a special little nemo :)
Thanks! He is a little Nemo. :) He ate for the first time last night, 4 pellets. I have a feeling I'm going to have him for a loooooong time. :) I've had my female VT girl Luna for a year and almost 3 months, my other boy Coral I've had for 9 months. :)
Aww... I love his big pectoral. Its like hes waving. Have you named him yet?
Yes! :D He's very friendly, waves at everybody. ;) And yes! My mom kind of named him. *walks in* "Have you named him yet?" "No." "You should name him Jacob." "Like the hottie with a body from twilight? HAHA." "Yes. Call him Jake for short." *walks out* so that's what his name is now. :)
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