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New fish, I really need to stop

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I told myself I would nnever buy a fish from walmart, but I did anyway. A little blue veiltail stole my heart. Actually, it was a brand new malmart with healthy fish and a person stationed right beside them. So basically I was happy with their set up.

Anyway, here's my new boy Haru.

and here's Haru's 3.5 gallon temp tank, cute huh?

He's been hanging out on the bottom, I hope he makes it- but if he's anything Like the lil fighter Beutiful betta took a chance on he should be fine. I'm not too worried about him seeings how all my bettas seem to prefer the bottom. Stuck him in there with some salt just in case.
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He's beautiful. I would add a decoration or some plants though.
i would too had i planned on getting him, heheh, all my stuff is at my moms house (where i live) plants, deco, heaters themometers)- i really shouldnt have got him but he was just too pretty to pass up. i think i might have something around here for him though come to think of it
Yeah. He's gorgeous and I probably wouldn't have passed him up either. I'm sure he's much happier now that he's not a little cup.
I bet he is too! He was sitting up in the bear's nose when i came in earlier. I found some deco, but the hole at the top is too small for any of it! I'd cut it, but its my sister's (she actually said something about getting a fish to put in it when i moved Haru, i'm sure i could figure out some sort of heating/ light/ other for longer use, Its a miracle she even wants one, i know she'll take good care of it if its hers though) It'spretty decent size, about 3.5 gallons give or take and the shape would make for plenty of exploration, especilly when i get decor small enough for it and some plants.
Awesome! Have fun with your new boy!
He is beautiful
thanks lace!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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