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I've read various posts on this forum and decided to join.

I've had fish since the 1990s

Mostly goldfish and bettas.

After my veiltail lost his struggle with an ick infection in 2003, that was the last fish I had until I got a halfmoon betta last year but sadly after treating him for ick and fin rot he lost too.:cry:

I got female halfmoon, she is nine months old who grew up with him. I also now have another male halfmoon that is almost 7 months old. Both are doing well.

Will post photos.

I've done research on bettas and have an encyclopedia on aquarium and pond fish which includes photos and other information.

For now, most of my posts will be questions but I do plan to upload photos.

Would appreciate some help with that.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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