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New food

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So, I think it's time for "fresh food". My Larry Guerry is becoming more picky, after MONTHS of devouring his Betta Buffet flakes.

I can get more of the same thing (only fresher), or try something better....

What should I feed him now, or try to get him to switch over...

He also gets frozen bloodworms 2xwk, but he isn't "crazy" about them either. He is active, looks healthy... He eats, but doesn't seem to "enjoy" it as much as he use to....

20 gal long
filtered, heated,
API water testing, for 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrites, 5 Nitrates
80* Water Temp
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Try New Life Spectrum pellets!! They have garlic in em, fish go nuts for it. I use the small fish formula, the pellets are TENNY! They have Thera+, as well, which has even MORE garlic!!
I wonder if Petsmart has that, as that is on my way home, will have to check it out! Thank you!
Petsmart carries OO, Petco carries NLS as far as I can tell :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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