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New Halfmoon

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(Yes, I already posted in the Betta Emergency section about this betta.)

Hello BettaFish world!

Two days ago I had to go to Petsmart to pick up some papers (I'm finally getting a job there wooooo) and I checked out there scarce number of bettas. They all seemed sick but one betta immediately caught my eye anyway. He was in his little cup on the top betta rack. Misha, the name I chose for him, was lying on the bottom of his cup like he had given up on life. And I grabbed him right away to take him home to clean water and a little love.

He is a beautiful yellow finned HM betta. (maybe a butterfly?) With a light pink/opaque body and a few purple spots.

He has what I think is ammonia poisoning and possibly some kind of blockage because he still has not pooed (even after Epsom salt) He's starting to move around a lot more and even flared at stuff outside his tank once or twice but still prefers to rest at the bottom of his tank. If anyone could help with this that'd be awesome.
Anyway I will attach the pics.
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Wow he's BEAUTIFUL!!!! I'm so jealous :$
What a beautifull boy :)
Hes got a lot of finnage
What a pretty boy. :) he reminds me of my purple and yellow crown tail
I would love to see some pictures of him in a few weeks, because he might color up more and get some more marbling. That'd be pretty neat to see.
I didn't noticed he could be a marble. Do you really think he could be one?
No he won't marble. I had a HM who looked EXACTLY like him and he never marbled
Love that yellow. Congratss on the job...maybe you can take care of the bettas :)
Thanks. I took the drug screen I'm just waiting for the results so I can go in and do what ever else that's needed. I'm not sure where they will even put me.
It's so much fun working in a petshop. I used to work at one in the local mall, but it frustrated me sometimes. We had an outbreak of ich in the goldfish tank once and when I pointed it out, they told me to shut up about it. :(
Today I came home from my friends house to check on all my pets and clean up my room. Misha was swimming around more! He even pooped!! (It looked normal nothing abnormal about it) I did the daily water change I do for him and offered him food and he charged at it and gulped it down in a blink of an eye. I am so happy he is feeling better so fast! although he does rest at the bottom quite a bit still. I leave on a 4 day vacation in 8 days to Disney ah so excited!(no worries I have family to feed him and all my other animals if not whats a good vacation feeder?)
So Misha is getting better and better everyone hour. He is swimming around and flaring like he actually wants to live! He does occasionally rest at the bottom of his tank but I'm happy with how he is turning out anyway.

Here are some updates on day 6
Hes absolutly gorgeous. I love his colors.
Wow, he is stunning. I am so jealous of him right now
I know haha. I love this guy. He's becoming a favorite
Alright everyone! Misha is all healthy now. He has stopped resting at the bottom so I decided it's time to graduate him to the 3 gallon I had set up. He is turning a more lavender or pearly pink color! It's so pretty. But depending on the light he can look more yellow. I'll attach pics to show you what I mean.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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