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New(little) Girl

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I had bought a little girl who was all grey with stress stripes and was really underweight. She is also small and my betta pellets are sometimes too big for her mouth. How can I get her to a normal size?:cry:
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Good clean warm water and crushed pellets. It might take a while to get her to a good weight but it's do-able. Also maybe get some frozen brine shrimps and let her destroy one.
Thank you so much! Sorry it took so long to reply, my internet access was destroyed!
oh no worries. Keep us updated on the little girl. Do you have any pictures of her?


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aww cute little thing
frozen blood worms helped my pint sized lady. Also, NLS grow helped ALOT. 50% protein and a bit higher in fat
Yeah, NLS pellets are tiny tiny. So the smaller fish have an easier time tackling them. :)
she is a cutie. Crush up normal sized pellets, or try frozen foods. Works like a charm!
Thank you for all the help. She is really happy now!:-D
:) yay!!!
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