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So I went out to my Local Pet Store today because they were getting in their new shipment of fish, including the bettas.

Since it's only a little store in a small town, they usually only get VT's which I dont mind because I love them.

They usually only get Blue & Red as well but I dont mind.

I picked out this new guy today!

He is white with a little blue on his tail and head, and some red on his fins. He is tinted a little pink, so I think he will be red as he gets older and his colors come in. I hope he comes in more pink than red, but I think it will be red. Either way I will love him the same!

His name is Wave. I have another named Tidal... So they make Tidal Wave ;)

Heres a picture: It's not a very good picture as it makes him loot gray but hes not.

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