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To add to what Mike said....foodwise go for the best right from the start. Look for NLS betta pellets. high quality ingredients. There's also OmegaOne, but their pellets are not as standard in size and some bettas have problems eating them.
Both his gill and fins may be a genetic thing. They may eventually subside with good care.

Also, I do not know if your net your fish, but doing that, it may damagehis fins and gill further. If you do, it is better to cup your fish instead. Small plastic drink cups are good for this or if you still have the cup he came in you can use that.

You mention that cost is not an issue so I would recommend looking into the Cobalt Neotherm 25 watt heater (if you are aiming at a 3 to 5 gl tank in future. A 50watt would be better from 5 gallon up etc.) They are a "smart heater" and in my opinion very accurate. It shows both the current water temp and the temp you are aiming for and gradually as the water heats the two lights will come together showing that your temp is where you want it.
They are a bit on the expensive side but well worth it as they are unbreakable, and are good for plastic and acrylic tanks. I have several and am working towards getting all my tanks equipped with them.

A nano filter like the Deep Blue Biomaxx is a great little filter. I have them on most of mine and on my larger tanks I have Aquaclear 20's. Both are water flow adjustable.
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