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New Member Showcasing my Bettas!

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Hi guys, happy to be a part of the Betta Fish Community!

here are my two Betta's, both lively and a joy to own.

First one is called SpitFire, he's a Red Veiltail Betta with a Neon Teal glow from the tail fins in the light and parts of his body.

and this is Ryu, Dragon in Japanese.. He's a DragonScale Betta HalfMoon, with a unique color to him, can't say I've seen another.. there's zebra stripes on his upper fins and blotches of red elsewhere.

This is a youtube link to see Ryu in action :)

Love to hear any insight into these Bettas, Ryu seems to be be more aggressive in character enjoying himself in the tank but Spitfire loves to just sit and stare when I'm around, else it's especially active at feeding.

Thank You.


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Hi, and welcome to the forum, you have two very nice looking boys.
Thanks, looking forward to learn new things about these beautiful creatures!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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