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I adopted this guy last week. He was purchased from Walmart and, I have done my best (based on what I have learned so far), to keep him happy. However, I noticed this bump on his fins, which has me concerned. It has been there literally no more than 2 days. One side looks hard and raised, the other-side (of the bump) however looks translucent and see through.

There hasn't been any major changes in behavior, maybe just a little less active. but he was buck wild last week, probably because the tank was a new environment, from the Walmart 'cup'.

Any thoughts on what the bump is? Also, does it looks like he has fin rot? His fins are exactly how they looked the day I bought him (minus the bump) so, if's a condition he came with, that I need to treat.

I have attached a picture (sorry for quality)

10 gallon tank
72 degrees F (exchanging heater today, one I bought quit working)
Whisper filter
Air stone
No mates
Feeding Fish Pellets (4 twice a day which apparently has been too much, but what the packaging said)
I have been taking out one gallon every other day and replacing it, also skimming out any left over food or particles.
The only additive I have used is Tetra BettaSafe "water conditioner"

I have not tested water parameters.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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