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New pics of my boys

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Not sure if this will work, but here goes...

This boy was sold as a Halfmoon, Double Tail, Plakat... I don't think that's quite right. He loves to hunt through the tank and "stalk" the Cherry Shrimps, but they seem to have reached a living arrangement for the moment.


This is my "baby giant" who likes to play peek-a-boo and watch my every move. Oh, and he loves to hunt through his tank searching for anything he can find. I'm told he and his spawn siblings used to hunt the baby snails in his tank.


This is my second boy, another double tail who is just full of personallity! He sits right next to my main lounge chair and always wiggles with excitement when I come sit next to him.


And last (for now) but never least is my King boy. He lives in the kitchen and always rushes to the side of the tank to greet me when I enter the room, and watches as I cook.
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What beautiful fish you have!

Yeah, somehow the first one doesn't look much like a plakat to me ;)

Yeah, he's the one in my profile pic so you can sorta see that his fins were much smaller when he was younger, but even then he had longer fins that I would have expected from a plakat. That's a pet store fish for ya'!
They are all gorgeous! I really like Aithusa. :)
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