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New pics of Tango!

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Tango was being very photogenic tonight, so I snapped some pictures of him. He's got his "I'm all big and bad" thing going on. I love him :)

Any idea how long it will take for the curly, detached fin rays will heal? It makes him rather unkempt looking. :roll:

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Wow hes beautiful :) I love his spots lol. Not sure about the ray healing though!
Thanks! Hopefully someone will know :) It's not affecting him at all, I'm just curious about it. I rescued him like that (he was on deaths door) and have been hoping they'd heal...but don't seem to be lol.
Very pretty boy!
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beautiful betta and beautiful pics. I love the red spots
He is very pretty!!<3 very beautiful colors!!!!!
Thanks everyone! :)

He split his tail somehow two days ago. Hope it heals soon! Probably happened from flaring lol
what a cutie! cute name:)
sorry about his split :( hopefully it heals up quick :) unlike my brother's CT boy, he has been torn up for months and never fully healed o-o
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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