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New Plant

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I lost my first betta, Cosmo. At sometime this morning. Not sure why. They water was fine, he was eating last night, he looked alright, he was swimming around. But he passed away this morning. He was, however, a walmart fish, and didn't look the best. But I hoped he'd make it, since he was swimming and eating.
I cleaned out his tank, rinsed and washed everything, tossed the gravel.
And got a new one. New gravel. And a new plant.

I've NO idea what this plant is. My walmart's fish guy told me. But i forgot as my kid sister was trying to make me buy a spongebob house for the tank (i am too broke to buy that right now)

He's also labelled a crownfin and looks pretty good and is pretty active.

so. plant identifying?
And making sure betta is good? XD He's adjusting to the water now. (I had it sitting out over night to warm up and whatnot.)
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I have no idea on the plant. The CT is very pretty though
I've seen those plants for sale in Walmart before just as "potted plant."
yeah. All walmarts plants = potted plants for 4.76. lulz.

And when I've got a plant or something of the living in there, yeah, I do. Generally for about a day, unless they seem sick, then it's longer.
The plant looks like an Anubias, of course it is Walmart so I don't know. Take it out of the pot and rock wool for one, they should never be kept long term in those small pots. When it is taken out if the leaves are coming from a "stem" (rhizome) it is an Anubias. You can post a picture of it if you don't know what I am talking about. Post the picture of where the leaves come out.
Yeah. It's anubais. I took it out forever ago. lulz.
It's now in a little rainbow decoration cave thing...

it's over on the right. XD I couldn't get my hands on fishing wire to tie it down, so i just stuck it in there. figured it would work. It looks like its doing pretty good. Course, it's also in Raph's tank, that's Rev's. XD (yes. I have two rainbow thingies.)
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