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New Rescue from Petco (:

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So, I got paid yesterday and while I was shopping for supplies for my current betta, Kaleidoscope, I was drawn to this sad-looking Half-moon male. His cup was clouded with dusty particles and he wasn't moving much. I had been eyeing him for the past couple of days but didn't have the money to buy him. However, I couldn't leave him behind this time C:

Meet Clint Eastwood, the name suits him because he's quite the hard-ass :p

My mom said he looks like mud but it was his color that made me fall in love with him.

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Cool. His colors are very interesting almost purplish. I love the name that is so cute! Good for you for saving this little guy! he is so cute
He's so sweet!!! Is he a bronze color? It's hard to tell from the flash. Is he a halfmoon? He is soooo adorable!
Thanks everyone! C; And yeah he's a half-moon. His color is like a copper-ish hue. when I first saw him I thought he was grey but when I took him home he looked more copper and depending on what angle you see him from he almost looks lavender too. Idk, but I love him <3
Wow, he's a handsome guy!

Also, digging the name :-D
Very cute little guy and nice name choice ;-)
Love the name! And cute little guy!
I'll be interested to see how purple he ends up. My local store got a stock of -truly- purple bettas unlike I've ever seen and probably will never see again.. and month later one is left and is so washed out now it looks almost just like that..
maaaaaaaann, Clint Eastwood... my fiance loves him and John Wayne. He should have named one of our new guys John Wayne that would have been cool. Neat color on the new guy by the way.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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