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So i haven't posted in a while! School eek! After rehoming a couple guys i decided to finally remodel the tanks. Here are my new setups :)

The first is a 2 divided 10 gal between my black hm Zeus and my white deltaHaru the great white ninja

The second is my redesigned 5 gal that holds Tang my orange hm male. I found the cool fake bonzai tree at petsmart. Oh and im using a fluval nano filter with the flow turned downwhich I love! No need to baffle!

Third is my dt Triton's 2.5 gal which wil get more plants soon.

And finally my hmpk spryo's 1.75 gal withanubias and anacharis

I use alot of anacharis to keep ammonia levels low. As i have cycled a 2 gal bowl im doing the same with the others. Using live plants. However with the 5 gal im not using live plants just a filter. Hope you guys like!


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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