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Live plants are very important to a betta especially floating ones.

My fish sleeping.

Whisper Micro Filter
- Tetra 10 gallon air pump
- Aquarium Heater 7 in 50 Watt
- Thermometer
Good stuff.

5 gallons of spring water
Not all spring water is safe for fish, Is there any reason why you cant use tap water?

Terracotta pot with a cork blocking the small hole.
If you use lots of live plants including floating ones you don't need this.

Bettas are surface fish and like to sleep near the surface.

- Water Conditioner
What brand, some are better than others.

Master Test kit
Very good.

I think you should also get a ammonia alert tag, I wouldnt have a tank without 1.
Seachem - Ammonia Alert
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