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Hi All,

Looking at selling my large tank (approx 220lt/60g) and all equipment and downgrading to a small tank to house 1 Betta (and maybe 1 friend or two).

I've been looking at these two tanks in particular. Do they seem any good?

The AquaOne 510 and 620 (not the 620T).

I am assuming if I got one of these, I wouldn't need any of my old equipment (cartridge filter, air pumps, etc) and would just buy a new heater to suit the size of the tank.

Any ideas?

Also where do I start once I have a new tank? I can't remember anything. Do I let it sit for a few days (with the new water in it)? What do I add to it?

Currently I just add Water Conditioner and chlorine neutrilise (water ager). Ive also got some leftover stuff that helps the biological filter establish itself, do I use this too?

Help! I feel like a newbie!
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